2019 Annual Meeting

Thank you to all who attended (or sent proxy’s) for Tuesday’s meeting.  Pope and Land answered questions on the proposed development, DPM covered the 2018 financials, and the Board covered the accomplishments for 2018 and goals for 2019, and the election of new Board members. Board members elected for 2019-2020 are Christian Wulfers, President; Rob Lockhart, Vice President; Don Villnow, Treasurer; Paula Willis, Secretary; Bob Elliot, Assistant Secretary.   Look for a summary of the meeting in the upcoming newsletter.





Pope and Land Development Meeting Tonight

Serenade Residents: Thank you to everyone who came out out to the HOA Annual Meeting last night. We briefly heard Pope and Land at the HOA Meeting, but tonight they are just going to be presenting to Serenade Residents and will have more time for questions. I am begging as many residents to please show up. The developer has basically decided to not consider one of our concerns!!! It is important we voice our concerns at this meeting so they can’t go in front of Planning Commission meeting on March 7th and say that none of us showed up with worries. The arrogance of this Developer is astonishing that they want to ram this project through the Planning Commission and City Council without making any adjustments based on neighborhood feedback. Please Please show up tonight if you can!!

Thank you!
Christian Wulfers
Serenade President

Annual Meeting Reminder

Tonight is the annual HOA meeting at the Chambers at City Center.  Check in begins at 6:45 and the meeting begins at 7:00.  The developers, Pope & Land, will be there tonight for a short presentation on their development plans.  We look forward to seeing you tonight with an update on 2018 accomplishments and goals for 2019.  If you are unable to make tonight’s meeting, you can send a signed proxy with any board member or email a copy to jsvensson@dpm-re.com.

Development Meeting Rescheduled

Serenade, just wanted to make you aware that the Proposed Developer meeting tomorrow night and Wednesday night has been postponed to next week to coincide with our HOA Annual meeting next Tuesday February 5th at 7pm Chambers at City Center. This is due to the Winter Weather. They will also hold a second meeting for extra questions on Wednesday Feb. 6th at 6pm.


Developer/Neighborhood Meeting Tuesday & Wednesday

Serenade Residents:

      The Proposed Development impacting Serenade and all of Woodstock Downtown was successfully tabled 2 weeks ago, because of your Loud Feedback on many unanswered questions regarding traffic, privacy, and lack of communication. The Developer Pope & Land will have a Neighborhood Meeting for Serenade on both Tuesday 1/29 and Wednesday 1/30 6pm at Chambers City Center. Please! Please! if you want your voices heard by the developers, I would hope as many of you can come to get your questions answered and voice your concerns. Please choose a night that is convenient for you and come. This meeting is just of this development and is not like the long Planning Commission meeting 2 weeks ago. This meeting should be 30 minutes to an hour tops. I will certainly as President of Serenade HOA attend at least one if not both meetings. This is the biggest development to ever effect Serenade and all of its Residents. Please be a part of the future of Woodstock and our neighborhood! THANK YOU!!!!
Chambers City Center
8534 Main St, Woodstock 6pm Tues. 1/29 or Wed. 1/30  

Reminder: Planning Commission Meeting

Neighbors, please plan on attending the Planning Commission Meeting this Thursday 7pm Chambers at City Center. We will have a pre-meeting at my home 390 Windsong Way at 6pm for about 30 minutes to make sure all of us are on the same page. This is the biggest development to impact Serenade in our history and will drastically effect everyone’s privacy and make traffic even worse.

Thank you so much!

Christian Wulfers

See the agenda on the City’s website here: http://woodstockga.iqm2.com/Citizens/Default.aspx

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