Public Participation Meeting

The City Council will be holding a Public Participation Meeting for the Pope & Land Enterprises proposed development that backs up to Serenade.  The affected residents have already received a letter but those not affected may not be aware that, again, there’s an attempt to develop this area.  Tonight’s meeting will allow you the opportunity to ask the developer any questions have about the development.  The meeting will be held at the Chambers at City Center at 7pm.  Proposed Development


Fall Festival

Neighbors, our Serenade Fall Festival is quickly approaching! We hope you will be joining us at the Cabana on Saturday, October 27th, 5-7pm.

We are in need of a donor to cover the cost of our bounce house for the event. The sponsoring individual or business will be allowed to advertise at the event, and the sponsorship will be mentioned in the next newsletter, on the neighborhood website, and in the social Facebook Group.

If you are interested in sponsoring the bounce house, please email

Save the Date: HOA 2018 Mid-Year Update August 21

Serenade Residents:
      Serenade Home Owners Association Board and Committee Members welcome you to a 2018 Mid Year Update Tuesday Aug. 21st 6:30pm at the Cabana. This will be an Open Board Meeting where we will give updates on Finances, Progress this year, Future maintenance/upgrades, Dues, Committee updates, Home Values, ways to volunteer, development in Downtown and of course answer questions from our Great Homeowners. There has been a lot going on in Downtown Woodstock and Serenade so far in 2018 :). We are very eager to give you a thorough update! We had a fantastic turn out earlier this year at the Annual meeting where around 70 homeowners showed up which was wonderful! We hope as many people that can make it will come to participate in YOUR neighborhood Update :). The meeting will begin at 6:30pm at the Cabana.
        Please Confirm your attendance if possible so we can have an idea of the amount of Serenade Residents coming. We LOVE SERENADE and Hope you will come out if available :). THIS IS YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND WE HOPE YOU WILL COME BE A PART OF IT’S FUTURE EVEN IF IT IS JUST TO BE INFORMED BY ATTENDING THIS UPDATE MEETING :).
Please RSVP your attendance to
**This Mid Year Update is a non-voting meeting and is just an update for the Residents of Serenade. We do understand as with any date chosen, not all residents may be able to attend. We ask you to encourage your neighbors to attend. We also will send out an email Summary Update of the meeting to any Homeowners not able to attend** Thank you for your Support 🙂
Thank you so Much!
Serenade HOA Board

Trash Day Parking

If you live on a cul-de-sac please be mindful of where you park today. The trash/recycling trucks are having a difficult time getting through these tight spaces and are having to choose between the car and the islands. So they drive over the islands  But it is causing damage to some of our islands. Please just be mindful of where you park today. Thank You!