Amenity Use

Dear Serenade Community,

The Board of Directors would like to take the opportunity to remind residents of the use and care of the community amenities.  The Cabana, pool, tennis and basketball courts belong to all community members, and as such, we all have a responsibility to take care of these valuable community assets.  Please remember that the tennis courts are for tennis only.  While it seems like a great place for games, bikes, etc. these activities cause damage to the court and/or nets, which results in the courts needing to be resurfaced prematurely and nets needing to be replaced.  Maintenance to the amenities, such as resurfacing the tennis and basketball courts, replacing nets, repairing fencing can be a costly expense paid for by the dues of all residents.  Let’s work together to keep our amenities in good condition by using them as intended.  (Tennis and Basketball court rules are attached.)

Serenade HOA Board of Directors