Pool Reminders and Property Management Update

As we approach the hottest months, we want to pass on a few reminders about the use and care of the pool.  Remember that this amenity is enjoyed and paid for by all residents through dues.  We do not have a lifeguard or cleaning company, thus, we all need to be sure to work together to keep our pool area a space for us all to enjoy.  Our dues provided some beautiful upgrades last year.  Let’s take care of it!

If you move furniture, please return it to it’s rightful location before you leave.

Remember to close umbrellas before you leave.  When left open, wind damages the umbrellas and has also tipped over tables.  All of which can lead to a costly expense.

Clean up all trash putting it in the designated trash cans.  There are additional trash cans located in the pool parking lot, as well as recycle bins, if it’s a busy weekend and the trash fills quickly.

There is a brown box near the restrooms for lost and found items.  This container is for items accidentally left behind.  Please put broken items and trash in the trash containers.

The bathroom doors are unlocked for the summer.  The doors just push open.  The doorknobs do not turn from the outside like a typical doorknob.  If the doors are unable to be opened and your key does not work please call Jay Stanhope at 678-338-6362 immediately.  Do not attempt to force entry into the bathroom.  Again, damage causes costly repairs that affect all of us.

Remember that children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult on the pool deck.

All residents must enter using their pool key.  Do NOT jump the fence to enter the pool.


On another note, please welcome Jay Stanhope as our new property manager with Douglas Property Management.  You can contact him by cell at 678-338-6362 and via email at jstanhope@dpm-re.com.  He is excited to be serving Serenade.