City Council Meeting Tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow the proposed development is on the agenda for the City Council meeting.  There will be a 30 minute pre-meeting at the Wulfer’s home at 6pm before the City Council Meeting to answer anyone’s questions and make sure we have a cohesive message. 390 Windsong Way.  The Council meeting will begin at 7pm at the Chambers at City Center.

Thank you all for being Serenade Residents and living in Woodstock. I love it here and have been a Serenade resident for 12 years now. I do have major concerns though with all of the high density Woodstock is allowing to be built with not enough infrastructure improvements to handle the extra traffic and density.

I hope to see all of you March 25th! We need to have 15-20+ homeowners prepared to speak. Please confirm your attendance!


Christian Wulfers
President Serenade HOA
Please feel free to call me directly if anyone has any questions 678-523-6248 or email me at

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