Final Round City Council Meeting Mon. March 25th 7pm Proposed Development


Final Round of the Proposed Development to impact Serenade and Downtown Woodstock is Monday March 25th at 7pm. Chambers at City Center, 8534 Main Street, Woodstock. The Proposed Development was tabled in January due to your amazing show of opposition to this project at Planning Commission and was voted down at the March 7th Planning Commission meeting! Having said that it still has a chance to be passed by the City Council next Monday. This is the biggest development to impact our neighborhood since the founding of our great neighborhood almost 20 years ago. We won’t be successful again unless Serenade residents show up. This development will impact not only the homeowners you see from the photo, but will of course affect traffic. They are proposing 100 units while the City of Woodstock continues to allow run away development without addressing traffic concerns. I am not personally trying to stop the development, but rather plead to the City and Planning Commission that this current plan should be revised. 
The Developer held 2 meetings with residents in February and it looked like they weren’t going to make any changes until the final hour before the last Planning Commission meeting. They did make some concessions thankfully for Serenade. Here are a few of those concessions:

1. They will replace all adjacent homeowners 6ft fences with 8ft fences to provide an extra layer of security when construction begins.

2. No balconies will be built on the back of Condo Buildings facing Serenade and Single Family. Detached units will not have a balcony higher than the 2nd floor for extra privacy.
3. Buffer Zone has been increased 5ft around the entire project to 15-20ft.
4. Will work with homeowners adjacent to the Detention Pond to see about getting an easement to pipe the water underground into the existing storm water system.
5. Sewer Access will not be run under Serenade rather connected to Downtown.

Many homeowners adjacent to the proposed development are happy with these changes. Having said that I know many homeowners still have concerns surrounding 2 main issues. Increase in traffic and lack of commercial in this property. This project was struck down in a 6 to 1 vote at Planning Commission. If you want to have the City Council deny this project in its current form, you must show up at the City Council Meeting prepared to speak out. As I said in the beginning I am not trying to stop this development. I understand property owners have rights and am glad Serenade has gotten a few concessions, but if you still have concerns about this project, you must show up!

PLEASE, PLEASE Serenade Residents let your voices be heard!
It is important we all have a cohesive message. I understand other homeowners might have other concerns as well. Let them be heard. I will be having a 30 minute pre-meeting at my house at 6pm before the City Council Meeting to answer anyone’s questions and make sure we have a cohesive message. 390 Windsong Way.

Thank you all for being Serenade Residents and living in Woodstock. I love it here and have been a Serenade resident for 12 years now. I do have major concerns though with all of the high density Woodstock is allowing to be built with not enough infrastructure improvements to handle the extra traffic and density.

I hope to see all of you March 25th! We need to have 15-20+ homeowners prepared to speak. Please confirm your attendance!


Christian Wulfers
President Serenade HOA
Please feel free to call me directly if anyone has any questions 678-523-6248 or email me at

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