Pope & Land Update

Serenade Residents:
     Pope & Land Development Update! The Planning Commission meeting was a very late one last night lasting till 11pm and I want to thank the few Serenade Residents who showed up. For anyone that has been against this project from day one, you got good news last night with the fact that Planning Commission denied this project in a 6-1 vote mainly due to the fact that it has a very low commercial aspect. The Planning Commission was happy to see the developer made concessions for Serenade, but the Planning Commission in January asked them to increase commercial especially since this piece of property is one of the last long main street frontage left. The city has approved high density residential over and over in recent years, but they are wanting to see more mix of commercial. This case is not over though. The Case still goes to City Council on March 25th and could be approved by City Councial even though Planning Commission denied the application. We will be allowed to speak in Public Comment at the March 25th meeting. If you are against this development and increased traffic, you can not stop showing up at these events. I am thankful for the few Serenade Residents who did show up last night as the Planning Commission did let us speak. I will create a new Event Invite ad keep everyone posted about the next meeting. Feel free to email serenade.hoa.president@gmail.com if you have any questions.
Christian Wulfers
Serenade HOA President

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