Developer/Neighborhood Meeting Tuesday & Wednesday

Serenade Residents:

      The Proposed Development impacting Serenade and all of Woodstock Downtown was successfully tabled 2 weeks ago, because of your Loud Feedback on many unanswered questions regarding traffic, privacy, and lack of communication. The Developer Pope & Land will have a Neighborhood Meeting for Serenade on both Tuesday 1/29 and Wednesday 1/30 6pm at Chambers City Center. Please! Please! if you want your voices heard by the developers, I would hope as many of you can come to get your questions answered and voice your concerns. Please choose a night that is convenient for you and come. This meeting is just of this development and is not like the long Planning Commission meeting 2 weeks ago. This meeting should be 30 minutes to an hour tops. I will certainly as President of Serenade HOA attend at least one if not both meetings. This is the biggest development to ever effect Serenade and all of its Residents. Please be a part of the future of Woodstock and our neighborhood! THANK YOU!!!!
Chambers City Center
8534 Main St, Woodstock 6pm Tues. 1/29 or Wed. 1/30  

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