Proposed Development and Serenade

Serenade Residents:
        The biggest development to impact our neighborhood possibly since the founding of our great neighborhood almost 20 years ago is ready for Planning Commission. We are asking all Residents in Serenade who want their voices heard to attend the Planning Commission Meeting on Nov. 29th @ 7pm Chambers at City Center. Attached to this email are the site plan PDFs and 3 pictures to give you an idea how this development might impact Serenade.
        This development will impact not only the homeowners you see from the photo, but will even impact our amenities as well since the proposed buildings will be 45 ft high and 4 stories tall! They are proposing 100 units while the City of Woodstock continues to allow run away development without addressing traffic concerns. We may not be able to stop the development, but rather could steer the City and Planning Commission that this current plan should be revised. The development is going to tear down every single tree in the section zoned off in green on the picture. They are only going to allow a 10ft buffer between Serenade Homes and a 4 story tall building! They will possibly have balconies all the way up to the 4th floor looking into our backyards and over to our amenities such as the pool. It is also possible that they may try to access our Sewer Lines running under Serenade, without the city giving us assurances that our Sewer Lines can withstand 100 more units capacity. Obviously this development will cause even more traffic problems in downtown. As a Homeowner who is directly affected and Vice President of Serenade HOA, I have major concerns about this development in it’s current form. Some of you may also realize that they will destroy the 100 year old home right across from the Car Wash on Main Street. The first historic home you see on the way into town. 

1. They should allow at least a 20-25 ft buffer between homes. We should not have to look at 4 story tall buildings in our backyard. 10 ft is way to small especially since they will take all trees down behind our homes, and the new trees they plant will take a decade or more to reach a decent height.
2.  No balconies be constructed on the rear of any of the units facing Serenade beyond the 2nd story. We shouldn’t have massive balconies on the 3rd and 4th story invading our privacy.
3. Confirm with us and the city where the sewer lines will be run?
4. Add more commercial into this project. It is virtually all Residential Buildings.
5. How does this development affect traffic?

I know many of you were at the Public Participation Meeting. At this point the developer has done absolutely nothing to move one inch in trying to address our concerns. They said they would do a balloon study, they haven’t done it. They said in June that we would have 20ft buffers, now it is 10ft. You can tell this developer is hoping they can just ram this through the City and not even in good faith try to work with us. This is a shame.

PLEASE PLEASE Serenade Residents let your voices be heard! If you don’t then you have no reason to complain once our 100 year old trees are replaced with buildings. Even if you don’t live right next to this property, please attend the Planning Commission Meeting. I would ask that everyone who shows up be prepared to have a 1-2 minute talking points speech to say in front of the Planning Commission.
It is important we all have a cohesive message. I understand other homeowners might have other concerns as well. Let them be heard. I will be having a 30 minute pre-meeting at my house on Thursday Nov. 29th at 6pm 390 Windsong for any homeowners who want to strategize before we go into the Planning Commission Meeting at 7pm.

Thank you all for being Serenade Residents and living in Woodstock. I love it here and have been a resident for 11 years here. Many residents have voiced though their concern for how much development has been allowed in recent years.

I hope to see all of you Nov. 29th! We need to have 15-20+ homeowners prepared to speak. Please RSVP your intention on attending the Planning Commission Meeting  at

Christian Wulfers

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