Security Alert

There has been a burglary in the neighborhood.  No details available currently.  Please be sure to remove valuables from your vehicles (don’t forget the garage door opener), lock all yours doors/windows, and turn on exterior lights.  Any information will be passed on as necessary.

Security Awareness

Just a friendly reminder to be sure valuables are removed from your vehicles and double check that your vehicles and homes are locked.  A resident reported via Facebook that there is suspicious activity in the neighborhood.  Just wanted to pass along a reminder to secure your belongings.  Police are increasing patrol tonight.  It’s a good idea to keep exterior lights on at night as light can deter criminal activity.  Any necessary information will be passed on via the website, blog, and email from DPM.  However, this is just a reminder to double check those locks and belongings.

October Newsletter

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Serenade Adult Social

 Serenade…Let’s have an ADULT SOCIAL Friday Oct. 27th!!!! I have lived here in Serenade for 10 years now and love the Community we call home. I was honored this year to serve as your Vice President for the HOA. This neighborhood has many events throughout the year for families and kids, but I don’t remember the last time we had a True Adult Social so neighbors can get to know one another or catch up with old friends. My wife Nirmala and I will host this at our home. We are going to pay for all food and spirits ourselves. This is not going to cost the neighborhood a dime, but we felt this would be a wonderful way to get to know even more neighbors. This SOCIAL is for SERENADE RESIDENTS ONLY and ADULTS ONLY, sorry kids :(. You do not need to bring anything! We will take care of everything, we just request your beautiful faces and be ready to mingle. Our Home and Backyard can easily accommodate 100 people if necessary. PLEASE PLEASE RSVP soon so we can make plans to provide enough Food, Wine, Beer, and Spirits :). Even if you can only came out for an hour or 2, we would love to see you. The Weather should be much cooler for the evening by Friday the 27th and we will have our Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit going for everyone. We hope to see Adult Neighbors of all Ages. Whether you have lived in Serenade since the beginning or recently moved here in the last couple of years, come out and get to know your Neighbors!!!
Please RSVP to for the address and let us know names of who is coming 🙂
Hope to see everyone!!!
Christian and Nirmala Wulfers
RAIN DATE if needed will be the following evening Saturday 10/28

Update on South on Main Meeting

Here’s an update on the meeting for the South on Main Development.  Thank you to all residents who took the time to attend.  It appears that nothing is changing (that has not already been approved) in a way that will impact residents of Serenade.  This meeting was a formality to correct previously incorrectly recorded minutes and formally document the retail space in the meeting minutes.  This was always the intended use for this space but legally needed to be corrected in the minutes.  Below are the take-away items that are of interest to us as Serenade residents.

-There are no changes in the occupancy of the development.  One building was changed from apartment homes to ownership condominiums.  The other building will still be apartments.  The condo/apartment buildings are not allowed to be greater than 5.5 stories tall by city code.

-There was a change in the flow of the greenway connector that runs through South on Main but it will still be accessible to all.

-The next section to be built will be the north retail building.  All retail will be specifically professional in nature (small office practice, financial consultants, dentists, realtors, etc. were some of the current interested tenants) and will not contain any restaurants or shops.  There are not enough parking spaces to support a restaurant per city code.  Therefore, those buildings will never be allowed to convert into retail/restaurants.

-The Serenade intersection will be redesigned with a fourth leg into South on Main.  There will be parallel parking along Main Street and is required by the City of Woodstock.

-There was concern from a northwest adjacent subdivision about the type of buffer that would be between their backyards and the parking area.  South on Main’s attorney informed us that city code does not require any buffer when the area is zoned downtown.  This is just a note for us as Serenade residents to tuck away should any development come to fruition bordering Serenade.

-Two dates to mark on your calendar: November 30 is a planning meeting.  December 11 is a meeting with the Mayor and City Council.  A reminder with the time and location will be posted as they become available.

If you were in attendance and have anything to add, please feel free to chime in!  😊

South on Main Development Meeting

The developer of South on Main is requesting a variance to attach condominiums in place of apartment homes. Please consider attending this meeting to find out the exact details of what the developer is asking and how this could impact Serenade.  The meeting will be held at The Chambers at City Center tomorrow, October 3, at 7:00 pm.