Rezoning/building near us

Several homeowners have inquired about some of the projects planned near Serenade.  All information for rezoning and projects is found on the City of Woodstock page.   Click Here to see current projects on the table

All applications are posted on the site as public record, as well as site plans and architectural elevations. Additionally, statements which the developer has issued, in asking for their variances are also shown.

The small piece of land in the parking lot at DTW: Case: V#140-16
The Yarn and Sew Buildings: Case: Z#085-16

The DTW lot is planned to have a 4 story building with parking underneath.  Part of their variance request is due to the fact that they need a height variance, because the building is 12-20′ taller than it is allowed to be (12′ is about one story…20′ is two stories).

The next planning commission meeting will be held on October 6, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Chambers at City Center (8534 Main Street, Woodstock, GA 30188).  It is important that if you have any issues or disagreements with anything going on (anywhere) in the city that you attend the meeting(s) held monthly. That is the way that voices can be heard.