During the May meeting at the Cabana, the HOA Board showed a large picture of the “State of Serenade” up to that point. This was not a meeting that the HOA Board was required to do. It was done for the pure sake of communication – sharing what we have learned.

In hiring Douglas Property Management, Mike Douglas informed us that as part of the transition, he would use the first several months to determine a true financial analysis of our community.  This is something which Heritage had offered to us that we could do (for an additional large fee) since it had not been done in the previous 10 years of the neighborhood’s life.

Because of the transition, May was a lull-month for Douglas – as they were only beginning to get paperwork from Heritage. June was about getting our files transferred – which, had some issues due to lost checks on the Heritage side of things (which Heritage fully admitted).  July, August, and September have been able to go into the “true state of affairs” for Serenade.

The HOA Board is anxiously awaiting the results of the financial study that Mike Douglas is putting together.  With this, it should help to steer us, in terms of projects that are most/least important and also most/least feasible in order to create a multi-year plan for improvements and spending.

As soon as a clear picture is found, once again, your HOA Board will voluntarily meet to discuss what we have learned and what we are proposing.  This is moving slower than we would have liked it to, but please know, your Board will continue to share information with the community.