Ongoing Issues with trees and water

The sidewalk trees…
The Board of Directors has been working to get this issue settled.  We are in a government cycle at the moment.  The City is in the loop – and Douglas Property Management is doing what they can to have the City of Woodstock take responsibility.  Although the letter that was mailed on Sept 1 states that we are in the “early stages”, it should be noted, this is an issue that has not left the table – or the minds – of the HOA Board since May.  Early stages are gone.  We are looking for a solution.

Standing Water near 309 Windsong…
Again, this is another issue which is pending with the City Works Department.  They have come out to the street multiple times to view the water (insert funny cartoon here).  They are seeking to find the root of the problem before fixing it.

We have given Douglas Property Management a deadline of our expectations on both issues.  The HOA Board is doing many things, quietly, behind the scenes, trying to get solutions to the issues in the neighborhood.  We are fighting for you.