Cabana, Mushroom, and more

Douglas Property Management is handling the cabana reservations now.  The board was doing it for the “transition period” but it is now in the hands of Douglas.  Feel free to call them to reserve the cabana.

Also, the Mushroom at the pool is certainly doing its fair share of sticking lately.  It seems that when it does this, the knob just needs to be turned back again – and it will run for another set of minutes before shutting off. If you are unable to get it to shut off after trying on it a few times, please contact DC Pools and report it.  Their number is on the signs entering the pool.

Umbrellas and chairs…. Please, please, please – put the umbrellas down when not in use, and do your part in returning chairs to their original locations. It really helps a great deal.  We have many neighbors who volunteer to do the pool closings – and just the simple act of moving your chairs back to where they came from means that your serenade neighbor does not have to move that chair for you 🙂  Thank you so much for this!