Sprucing up!

Hi neighbors!

It’s been crazy hot, and that is doing a number on our grass (and our watering bills).  Just a few tips/reminders:

  • If you have not replaced mulch or pine straw in a while, it is probably time to do so.
  • Its a great time for pressure washing driveways and houses
  • Clean up after your pets – we have gotten several complaints about dogs running loose and dropping their…well, you know…be a good doggy parent and clean up after them.
  • Do you have rotting windowsills? Most of the homes either have them, or have already replaced them with new PVC ones.  Rotten wood causes all sorts of issues, so plan on getting that checked out.
  • Please keep in mind, furniture and playsets are not to be left in front yards-please use your backyard for these items.
  • Any home modifications (including painting the home the same color) need an ARC form completed.  You can find that in the documents section of this website, or by calling our property manager.  Forms must be submitted to the management company.

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