Annual Meeting Reminder & New Management Company

Tuesday, February 4th at 7:00 PM, we will hold our annual HOA annual meeting and election in downtown Woodstock at the Chambers City Center.   This will be an opportunity to hear about our progress in 2019, plans for 2020, and vote on representatives for the coming year.
We also would like to announce that Serenade will be supported by a new property management company this year starting on March 1st called Sixes Management Group.  We’re thankful for the years of support we received from Douglas Property Management, but believe a shift to Sixes will be a good fit for our needs in the future.  At our meeting you’ll have an opportunity to meet James Haslam, the Sixes Management Group president, and learn about their plans to work with us going forward.  In the meantime all Serenade HOA questions and requests will continue to go through Douglas Property Management until the transition is completed by the end of the month.
To assist with awareness and information regarding our property management change an introductory letter will be sent to all residents providing background on the company, new contact information, and details on how to engage with them staring this March.
We look forward to seeing everyone this Tuesday and please let us know if you have any questions.
Best regards,
Serenade Home Owners Board of Directors


HOA Annual Meeting

Please plan to attend our annual HOA meeting, Tuesday February 4.  If you are unable to attend, you can give your signed PROXY to any board member or DPM via mail, email, or fax. (Please note their location and mailing address has changed and is 120 Arnold Mill Park, Suite 400, Woodstock, GA 30188.)

There are 3 BOARD seats available for the coming year. Please email if you are interested in serving or if you need a copy of the proxy form.

Santa is coming to Serenade!

Thank you to the Cassandra Family for hosting Santa this year! Santa is visiting Serenade on Saturday, December 14th, 2-4pm.  (Please email for the address).  Please come any time during the event or come right when it starts for Santa’s arrival and stay for the full event. You may take your own photos with Santa and socialize with neighbors.

This will be our last scheduled social event. We are still in need of a social event coordinator. If you are interested in continued social events for Serenade, please consider volunteering.

Amenity Use

Dear Serenade Community,

The Board of Directors would like to take the opportunity to remind residents of the use and care of the community amenities.  The Cabana, pool, tennis and basketball courts belong to all community members, and as such, we all have a responsibility to take care of these valuable community assets.  Please remember that the tennis courts are for tennis only.  While it seems like a great place for games, bikes, etc. these activities cause damage to the court and/or nets, which results in the courts needing to be resurfaced prematurely and nets needing to be replaced.  Maintenance to the amenities, such as resurfacing the tennis and basketball courts, replacing nets, repairing fencing can be a costly expense paid for by the dues of all residents.  Let’s work together to keep our amenities in good condition by using them as intended.  (Tennis and Basketball court rules are attached.)

Serenade HOA Board of Directors

Pool Closing & Board Member Update

Just a heads up that the pool is currently scheduled to close September 29th.  Enjoy the last few days to swim a few laps and catch a few rays poolside!

Many have heard that the Wulfers Family has moved.  They’re still local, so be sure to let Christian know how much you appreciate his service to Serenade.  That leaves one open seat on the Board of Directors for the remainder of the term (through February).  If you are interested in serving, this would be a great opportunity to check it out.  Please email if you are interested.

Volunteers Needed to Continue Serenade Social Events

Dear Neighbors,

After over three years of serving as coordinator of the Serenade Social Committee, I unfortunately need to step down from this volunteer position. Please consider volunteering to serve Serenade in helping organize our social events. These events typically include a Visit with Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Festival, and Summer Social. As coordinator, you will recruit volunteers to help organize these events, as well as book vendors, request reimbursements, and advertise for the events. If you have further questions about this volunteer commitment, please email

Thank you,

Pool Closure This Evening

The pool will be shut down this evening at 5:30pm for two purposes.

  1. The in-pool light finally gave up the ghost and has to be replaced.
  2. The Cyanuric Acid level has reached it maximum safety limit and must be lowered to 50ppm.

Both require a partial draining of the pool and then refilling with new water.

Both will be accomplished at the same time and pool will reopen Wednesday once water level is back up to the skimmers.

Volunteer(s) Needed: Cupcakes with Kindergarteners

Volunteer(s) Needed: Cupcakes with Kindergarteners

Will you have a Kindergartener this fall? Serenade traditionally hosts a meet and greet for upcoming Kindergarteners right before school starts. We need an upcoming Kindergarten parent or parents to volunteer to coordinate this event. This involves:

1. Reserving the cabana on your selected date through Douglas or finding a home to host the event
2. Creating a Facebook event for the event in this Serenade FB group
3. Emailing the hoa board to request that the event details be posted on the Serenade website
4. Coordinating refreshments, activities, etc

Please email if you are interested!

Pool Reminders and Property Management Update

As we approach the hottest months, we want to pass on a few reminders about the use and care of the pool.  Remember that this amenity is enjoyed and paid for by all residents through dues.  We do not have a lifeguard or cleaning company, thus, we all need to be sure to work together to keep our pool area a space for us all to enjoy.  Our dues provided some beautiful upgrades last year.  Let’s take care of it!

If you move furniture, please return it to it’s rightful location before you leave.

Remember to close umbrellas before you leave.  When left open, wind damages the umbrellas and has also tipped over tables.  All of which can lead to a costly expense.

Clean up all trash putting it in the designated trash cans.  There are additional trash cans located in the pool parking lot, as well as recycle bins, if it’s a busy weekend and the trash fills quickly.

There is a brown box near the restrooms for lost and found items.  This container is for items accidentally left behind.  Please put broken items and trash in the trash containers.

The bathroom doors are unlocked for the summer.  The doors just push open.  The doorknobs do not turn from the outside like a typical doorknob.  If the doors are unable to be opened and your key does not work please call Jay Stanhope at 678-338-6362 immediately.  Do not attempt to force entry into the bathroom.  Again, damage causes costly repairs that affect all of us.

Remember that children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult on the pool deck.

All residents must enter using their pool key.  Do NOT jump the fence to enter the pool.


On another note, please welcome Jay Stanhope as our new property manager with Douglas Property Management.  You can contact him by cell at 678-338-6362 and via email at  He is excited to be serving Serenade.

Easter Event Postponed

Neighbors, due to wet conditions, cold temperatures, and possible morning rain, the Easter Event scheduled for tomorrow, April 20th, has been postponed. We apologize for any convenience. The Social Committee will be planning an alternate early summer event. Thank you to everyone who donated – we will repurpose all donations for a future event.